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How to Reverse (Mirror) an Image in Android

That is eerie, isn’t it? However, simply by Mirror the Image on Android, or to put it in the correct way how you can Re-Mirror your Image, you can see the Images to your delight. 

How to Find Unlisted Videos on Youtube

Our major purpose in this article is to introduce youtube users to what unlisted videos are and how to find unlisted videos on youtube.

How to Find Someones Deleted Instagram Posts

Today we would be looking at how to find someone’s deleted Instagram posts, the following methods will explain how to easily find someones deleted Instagram posts.

How to Tell if Someone’s Phone is Off or Dead.

This begs the question, how can you possibly tell if their phones are dead or simply switched off? The answer is yes, it’s possible.

Unknown Sources Android- What You should Know

While iOS users need to through complicated jailbreaking procedures, Android users just need to enable a single setting- unknown sources Android to enjoy further features.